Why Google Analytics?

It is an interesting topic when you start discussing which analytical tools are right for you. In this Forrester Wave article, we are able to review web analytics tools made by Adobe, AT Internet, Google, IBM, SAS Institute and Web Trends. According to Forrester these analytical tools are one’s that take up the majority base of analytics customers, have healthy and sizable businesses and are continually offering service for their analytical products. Through all of their research they found that Google Analytics is an analytical tool that is starting to thrive in the business world. This analytical tool is simple and easy to learn if you have the want and the will.

Google Analytics is also a continually updating service, meaning there are constant updates and improvements being made. Which is excited when you already think about the services Google’s tool already provides. When visiting the Google Analytics homepage it looks as though they have three main missions for their product. These missions are: to attract and find an audience, know what they are doing and how you can test and improve your companies web interface to best suit your knowledge.

In order to attract and find an audience, Google Analytics allows you to trace where these customers are coming from, what devices they are using and what they are doing while on your site. These tools are exciting because it allows you to really get an understanding of who your customers are and how you can best cater to their needs.

BUT the best and most important feature from around the web is that it is 100% FREE! The fact that Google Analytics is in the discussion as the best analytical tools is great, but the fact that this tool is free allows hundreds of websites and businesses is amazing. This allows the lower profiting companies to still utilize the tool the 63% of fortune 500 companies in 2013 were utilizing. This is a significant increase from 51% of companies in 2012, which just goes to show the growth and versatility of Google Analytics.

After research, I am very excited that we are able to learn about Google Analytics in this class and I really do think that being certified will be a helpful tool in my future.


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